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Correspondence Address: Merryfield, North Green, Reymerston, Norwich, NR9 4RD
Nursery Address: Thorncroft Clematis & Climbers Ltd, Rails End Nursery, Back Lane, Evesham, WR11 7RG, United Kingdom. 
Sadly we do not open regularly to the public for visits at the moment, however we do occasionally have Special Event Days - Read More

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Please respect that we are not a free advice service.! 

If you have bought or intend to buy clematis from us please feel free to get in touch. 
If you purchased your plants elsewhere and need advice about them, please return to the company who benefited from your business or download our Care Guide.

Phone: Due to us being a small team of people we can not answer the phones during busy periods. Do have a look at the FAQ's Page. We apologies for any inconvenience.

We are a small team of three people and are experiencing a very high demand for our expertise and plants. We will therefore be prioritising messages regarding current orders and will reply to requests for advice at our soonest possible time.
We apologies for the delays but we must prioritise existing orders and we appreciate your kind patience.

For Peter's Illustrated Talk enquiries please see here - Talks, Lectures & Design Consultations

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