This lovely group of scented clematis can make useful additions to our gardens. They produce literally hundreds of star-like flowers, which have a hawthorn-like perfume, attracting bees and butterflies to the garden.  

Tips for Flammula Clematis.

Whilst these can be grown in any aspect, they will flower better, and the perfume will be stronger if grown in a sunny, free draining position. All these clematis have very fine root systems and will not thrive in heavy soil, which is prone to water-logging.  They will actually be happier in poorer soils with very free draining conditions.

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Clematis flammula
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The clusters of small white star-like flowers have a sweet hawthorn scent. Clematis flammula is a semi-evergreen climber which requires free draining soil and has a better scent when grown in the sun. It will also thrive in hot conditions with very little attention.
Clematis Sweet Scentsation
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The glorious clusters of white, sweetly scented star-like flowers are borne in great abundance making an eye-catching display for your garden.
Clematis Sweet Summer Love
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Sweet Summer Love has wonderfully scented flowers of rich deep red when first open, maturing through purply-red and paling to light purplish violet as the flowers age. It is a hugely abundant clematis.
Clematis terniflora (Sweet Autumn Clematis)
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Clematis terniflora has clusters of small white star-shaped flowers with a gorgeous hawthorn-like perfume, from which it gets its common name 'Sweet Autumn Clematis'.
Clematis triternata Rubromarginata
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The abundant clusters of small almond-scented star-like flowers are white with bright pinky-red tips. A favourite in our garden and one we will never be without!