Exotic, striking and great value!

The florida group clematis will give your garden that little something extra which you didn’t know it needed.

These stunning clematis are very prolific and can flower for a very long time when given the right care and attention, so here are my top tips for the florida clematis. 

I would recommend growing florida clematis in large pots because they perform very well and they make a stunning display on a patio. Stand the container on the patio from late February to early October and then move it into a sheltered corner or cold glasshouse to over-winter. They will not need heated conditions during the winter, just shelter and if taking them undercover they will probably continue flowering.

In early March the previous season’s growth should be hard pruned down to approximately one foot (30cm) from the soil level and a fresh ‘top-dressing’ of compost and bonemeal can be applied to the container. Use Westland Gro-Sure Slow Release Plant Food for consistent feeding through the year. 

Avoid keeping the florida’s too wet over the winter, on the other hand they must not be allowed to dry out completely. Always ensure the pot drains freely and each year harden the plants off during late March as described in the Planting & Care Guide

When planting florida clematis in the garden they will require the shelter of a south or south – west facing wall, with good free draining soil. A sheet of bubble plastic or a double layer of garden fleece draped across and pegged into position will keep the worst of the winter weather at bay. This protection can be removed during early March so that hard pruning can be carried out, then feed with a single handful of bonemeal and water it in. Replace the protection until the worst of the weather has passed.

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Clematis Alba Plena
Out of Stock
Clematis florida 'Abla Plena' has pretty double flowers of greeny-cream, rosette-like blooms, and is also known as florida 'Plena', or florida var. flore-pleno.
Clematis CASSIS Evipo020
Out of Stock
The gorgeous double rosette-like blooms have a mottled appearance, their cream base is heavily overlaid with blackcurrant-purple. Clematis Cassis is also a brilliant plant for container growing and is often better grown in that way.
Clematis Kokonoe
Out of Stock
This stunning new clematis looks to be a big hit with gardeners.  With it's deep royal-purple double blooms which stand out from the rich green foliage on long slender stems giving it a very exotic appearance.
Clematis LAVALLEE No.1
In Stock
COMING June 2022!

Launch at our Special Event - Ashton Open Gardens. on 11-12 June
LAVALLEE No.1 has rich deep bluey-purple flowers that blend to an almost white bar in the centre of the tepal and very prominent purple stamens like luxurious eyelashes in the centre. The white bar also has bluey-purple veins across it and in some situations the white bar is more pronounced. 
The name means 'The Valley' and this is plant No.1.
Clematis MASA Evipo089
In Stock
Clematis MASA has very abundant, exotic looking flowers, with rich bluey-purple tepals and deep purple anthers that have a silvery sheen. Prolific and easy to grow.
Clematis PISTACHIO Evirida
Out of Stock
The elegant creamy-white blooms have an unusual crown of pinkish-grey inward curled anthers with a prominent tuft of green stigmas in the centre.
Clematis Sieboldiana
Out of Stock
clematis Sieboldiana is an exotic looking clematis that is hugely popular. The creamy-white tepals have a rich purple crown of staminodes. It is better grown as a container plant and the blooms can occasionally revert to 'Alba Plena'.
Clematis Taiga®
Out of Stock

Launched by Thorncroft Clematis at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 - A Container superstar!
The attractive double blue-purple flowers have a greeny-white tip to the tepals and appear from summer through to autumn.
This stunning clematis will light up your patio when grown in a large container with good drainage.

Clematis VIENNETTA Evipo006
In Stock
Clematis VIENNETTA has stunning blooms with cream tepals with a prominent dome-shaped purple centre that is mottled with cream. Although similar to Sieboldiana, the dome-shaped centre is larger and more frequently has highlights of greeny-cream.