Plant Care & Gifts

Here is a useful collection of products to help you care for your clematis. Our Care Packs are designed to make caring for your clematis easy and effective straight out of the box.
These products are packed with your plant orders at NO ADDITIONAL delivery cost! However if you are ordering them without plants our standard delivery charge will apply. Catalogues & Gift Vouchers are delivered free of charge.
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Plant Care & Gifts
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25 x Westland Gro-Sure Slow Release Plant Food
In Stock
Westland Gro-Sure Slow Release Plant Food Tablets offer you the possibility of giving very accurate dosages in a simple manner.
Barnel Clematis Pruning Scissors
In Stock
Special AUS8 stainless steel - for extra tough, rust resistant, wipe clean blades, a serrated edge near the hinge for cutting fine wire. Includes a blade sheath. As used by staff at Thorncroft for nearly 20 years!
Cane Caps x 10
In Stock
Caps to go on top of canes to protect your eyes.
Care Pack - Fixing Pack
Out of Stock

This care pack contains everything you need to create a quick, easy and long lasting support for your clematis on a wall, fence or shed.
This pack contains enough materials to cover two six foot wide fence panels or near equivalent.
Strong galvanised wire 31m approx, 10 x Screw-in Vine Eyes and 100 x Split Rings to hold your clematis onto the wire.

Care Pack for Flowers
In Stock

This care pack contains everything you need to grow your clematis and to give the best display possible.
Enough to feed 4 plants for 2 years!

  • Westland Epsom Salts 1.5kg for nutrient uptake
  • Westland Sulphate of Potash 1.5kg to encourage strong flowering
  • 25 x Westland Gro-Sure Slow Release Plant Food
Care Pack for Planting
Out of Stock

This care pack has all you need when planting your clematis to give the best results.

  • Westland Bonemeal for strong roots
  • Westland Epsom Salts to improve nutrient uptake
  • 25 x Westland Gro-Sure Slow Release Plant Food
  • 100 x Split rings for tying in to the support
  • 10 x Vine Eyes for training.
Kestrel Galvanised Wire 31m
In Stock

Heavy duty galvanised training wire, ideal for training your clematis along. A quick and easy support when combined with vine eyes.
Wire is measured by weight so length is approximately 31 meters.

Split Rings 100pcs
Out of Stock
Plastic coated wire rings to train your clematis along their support. 100 Pieces
Thorncroft Clematis - Printed Gift Voucher
In Stock
A printed gift voucher, ideal for any gardener. Available in £5, £10, £20 and £50 denominations. Delivery of gift vouchers is free. Please note that currently, delivery will still need to be paid for the items ordered. A Gift Vouchers value only counts towards the products, not postage.
Vine Eyes x 10
In Stock
These are excellent for making supports for your clematis to grow on. Use strong training wire between them for a sturdy support.
Westland Bonemeal 1.5kg
In Stock
Bonemeal is an excellent fertilizer which helps to establish a strong root on your clematis. Easy to use - Ideal for trees & shrubs - Promotes strong & healthy rooting - Greener, healthier foliage - Apply at a rate of 70g/sq.m or 135g/sq.m depending on task, on all crops and water in well.
Westland Epsom Salts 1.5kg
In Stock
Westland Epsom Salts - Very good general tonic for clematis and also roses - Encourages strong & vibrant foliage - Improves soil nutrient levels - Ideal for feeding tomatoes & brassicas - Contains magnesium. Apply at 20g/sq.m or dissolve 35g in 4.5L of water around the base of the plant.
Westland Sulphate of Potash 1.5kg
In Stock
Westland Sulphate of Potash - Bigger, healthier fruit & flowers - Fast acting ready to use granules - Ideal for all fruit trees, bushes & flowers - Encourages disease & drought resistance. - Apply at 35g/sq.m to established flowers, trees, and shrubs as a top or base dressing.