Texensis & Viorna

The plants of this much sought after group have distinctive 'trumpet' or nodding urn-shaped flowers and are all excellent plants which deserve space in anyone's garden. Used as climbers, they all prefer a situation that is sunny yet not too windy or they can be allowed to scramble over and through other plants which enhances their natural beauty.

Tips for Texensis & Viorna clematis.

These natural climbers are classed as semi-herbaceous, as during a very hard winter their growth will die back and they will re-shoot from below soil level. Consistent watering in summer, combined with good rich soil will ensure they perform at their best. 

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Texensis & Viorna
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Clematis ANNABELLA 'Zo08169'
In Stock
Dainty urn-shaped flowers of pale lilac become almost white at the recurving tips of the blooms. Long flowering and compact so ideal for short supports or containers.
Clematis Duchess of Albany
Out of Stock
The beautiful, deep pink trumpet shaped flowers have paler candy-pink margins. A classic, widely grown and much loved old cultivar.
Clematis Gravetye Beauty
In Stock
The elegant, deep rich red trumpet shaped flowers have paler mauve-pink margins on the reverse. A very popular cultivar and one of our favourites.
Clematis PRINCE WILLIAM® 'Zo08171'
Out of Stock
The purply-red flower buds open to handsome semi-nodding tulip-shaped flowers, with mauve margins and deep lavender interiors. Try growing this with PRINCESS KATE to make a stunning feature in your garden.
Clematis Princess Diana
In Stock
This eye-catching clematis has rich deep pink trumpet shaped flowers with paler mauve-pink margins. The blooms are just delightful and carry on well into the autumn giving a long period of interest for the gardener.
Awarded the RHS ‘Award of Garden Merit’

Clematis PRINCESS KATE 'Zoprika'
In Stock
The outside of the elegant trumpet shaped flowers is rich purply-pink, whilst the margins, tips and inside are a clear white giving a stunning contrast. A truly beautiful flower to grace your garden.