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Over 40 Years Growing Experience
We pride ourselves on our plant knowledge and ability to advise our customers through our experience. We are here to ensure you succeed with our clematis in your garden.
Supplied in 3 Litre
Our plants are produced in strong plastic pots usually of 3 litre size. A very small number are still sold in 2 litre containers usually because this is a sufficient size to guarantee growing success.
Grown on 1 Metre Bamboo Support
Our plants are always carefully checked before dispatch and are usually about 70-90cm tall. Depending on the variety and time of year this can vary.

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About Us

Welcome to Thorncroft Clematis a third generation family company that grew out of a back garden hobby.
We are a leading UK Clematis Specialist with long experience in selling high quality clematis plants to customers all over the United Kingdom.

We are a small team lead by myself (Peter), I do all the customer communication, plant advice and promotion, along with Heather and Trudy who do all the plant care, order picking and packing. At times we will be supported by a loyal following of family, including my parents, Ruth and Jon, my wife Gilly and our children, Harry and Jess, plus at the shows, friends and ex-staff members as well.

This is business of passion and we are dedicated to putting smiles on peoples faces​​​, selling high quality plants and ensuring we give great advice to our customers to ensure you have success with them in your garden.

Being a small independent nursery we appreciate every customer and every sale no matter how large or modest in size.
Enjoy browsing the website and Happy Gardening!